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Five Reasons You Need a New Roof

Noticing more squirrels or raccoons inside your house even with your doors and windows closed? There could be a missing shingle on the roof that is letting them inside. That dripping sound in your attic that never stops? A large leak could be letting water in. Roofs are one of the most important parts of a house and more often than not, people forget its existence until a problem arises. Whether it is a small leak, a missing shingle, or extreme caving in, roof problems can cause a lot of damage. Before things get extreme, here are a few reasons why you need to change up your roof.

It's Time For An Aesthetic Upgrade

Trends are ever-changing and you might want to jump on the bandwagon and spice things up. Designers are always coming up with different colors, styles, and designs for roofs.
Some are technologically advanced and open up with a remote, others have solar panels incorporated. Sustainability in roofing has become a trend. Shop around on architecture magazines or social media and select a roof that delivers on the aesthetics. You can consult with some professionals on the path to take for the best roofing aesthetics. Living in Texas, a good Austin roofing company, like Up On a Roof Roofing Company, will provide you with some options to consider.
When buying a roof, most professionals say the materials are supposed to last at least 20 years. This does not mean you have to wait out the entire twenty years. Living in different places, roofs undergo different levels of stress that cause wear and tear at different levels. If your roof is struggling to hold out before the said 'expiry date', it is okay to take it down and get an upgrade.

The Leaks Are Too Frequent

Leaks are a tell-all sign that there is a problem with your roof. In houses where an attic is part of the architecture, the leaks are easier to spot there. During the rainy or snowy seasons, walk in there during the day with the lights off and note where the light comes in from.
If you have had your roofing leaks fixed up more times than you can count, then it might be about time for an overhaul. Apart from leaks deteriorating your roof, they pose a health hazard. You can slip and fall on puddles formed from the leaky roof or fungus can grow from the wet spots. It also gets to a point when maintaining the roof gets more expensive so changing it becomes a more affordable option.

The Shingles Are Too Damaged

Like many things, time takes its toll on the roofing shingles. They might be made of some pretty hardy materials but exposure to weather elements can cause some bad damage.
They can crack or chip due to exposure to heat and freezing temperatures, high-speed winds, and heavy rains. Damaged shingles are faulty in that they do not serve their protective purpose. Due to the damage, some of the shingles may fall off the roof, leaving your home exposed to rain, heat, or small rodents. You can easily spot the damaged shingles on your roof, so if there are too many cracks or chips, it is about time to get a new roof. Apart from causing deterioration in your roof, a bad roof can also cost you other forms of damage. The puddle that forms on your floor from a leak can cause rot or mold growth, which can cost a lot more in repairs. The damage can be worse in areas like the attic that are sometimes used as storage.
Buying a new house or moving into one? Go through the paperwork provided during the real estate exchange to find out how maintenance was carried out. The updates will give you a schedule or plan on when your next re-shingling or installation should be done and the materials you have to use as well.

The Roof Has Suffered Extreme Weather Conditions

If you happen to live in a place where the weather goes to the extreme, changing your roof is the only guaranteed way to keep your house in one piece. Roofs can be blown away by tornadoes and strong winds. Snow can accumulate on the roof where it melts and stays in a puddle for a while. This residue water can cause rot, fungus growth, rust, and many other forms of damage to your roof.
Strong winds cannot just blow your roof off, they can crash something into it. If your roof is old, some serious hazards can be at play when it rains. Heavy things like trees could end up falling into your roof, causing casualties and tons of money in losses. Texas is one state that experiences some extreme weather conditions, especially during the hot weather. If you are not sure whether your roof can hold up to some crazy weather, consult an Austin roofing company for an expert assessment.

You Bought A Product That Was Below Par

When you are building your house, buying a substandard roof is a possibility, especially if you do not know enough about roofing. Buying a low-quality product might seem cheap at the moment but apart from not lasting long, they can pose a danger because they won't do their job properly. Selecting the right roofing material is a bit of a task, but it does not have to be so if you consult the professionals.
One thing to note is that just because it is expensive does not guarantee quality. Conduct some of your research before you make a purchase. If you plan on moving into a new house, have the roof assessed to ensure it is in a habitable shape. A tour with the realtor should show you the state of the roof and the amount of work you need to put into it.
Getting a new roof is an investment and getting the right professionals can make a very big difference. If you have noticed all or any of these signs, you are way past due for a new roof. While maintenance is an option, it is not always the best. A good roof is protective of your structure, your family, and your possessions. If you don't want your roof caving in in the middle of a blizzard when roads are impassable, it might be a wise choice to have an installation done as soon as possible.

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