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How To Tell Whether Your Roof Is Repairable or Need to Be Replaced

As one of your biggest and most expensive investments of your life, your home is one baby you have to take care of for a long time. Under a good roof, you and your family are protected from the harsh sun, the freezing winter, and the speeding winds. Maintaining a good roof is like feeding it, so it maintains its strength to keep protecting you.
A damaged roof can mean two things, one, a simple repair or a replacement for the whole thing. While some signs such as water damage are easily visible, there could be raccoons or birds nesting inside your roof that could cause it to cave in without the slightest sign. Here are some factors to have in mind when considering whether to repair or replace your roof. Consulting with an Austin roofing company will assess the damage to determine the path to take.

When to Repair vs When to Replacement

A roof repair is a common part of routine maintenance, but sometimes it is not enough. There are only too many holes that can be patched up before the roof falls apart at the slightest wisp of wind. Here are a few factors that can help determine whether a roof repairable is an option or you need a new one.

The Size of The Damage

Based on the cause of the damage, you can either go with a replacement or with a repair. If the area of the damage is small, then a replacement is farfetched. However, if a part of the roof was blown away or it has a water damage rot that has extended over a large space, then you might need a new or a roof repairable.

How Much Weight It Can Hold

If you are walking on the roof and you notice it is shaking or feels like it is about to give way under your feet, then it might be about time to change it up. The bowing and shaking can be a sign of some serious rot underneath the surface. If the roof is sagging, things might be a lot worse between the roof and the ceiling. At this point, you need to call up a professional as soon as possible for assessment.

Just How Old Your Roof Is

According to many manufacturers and contractors predict that a new roof is supposed to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. If your roof is on the threshold of this time or older, then patching things up might not last as long as you want. Don't go up on a roof if you think it is old if you are not an expert. Sometimes, even 'young' roofs might suffer some kind of damage that can need more than a few patches. For safety purposes, consult with an Austin roofing company to do the age inspection for you.

When to Repair Your Roof

Repairs are cheaper in many instances and they can extend the existence of the roof by a long while. They say a small leak will sink a great ship and we can assure you it will sink your roof as well. Do not wait for your leaks to add up before calling on an Austin roofing company.
It does not have to be leaks alone, they could be broken shingles, an animal problem, or a briefcase of storm damage.
For some people, the insurance company can handle roof repairs as a result of storms. small fires or water damage. Some roofs have a thirty-year warranty that will come in for repairs at the smallest problem.

When To Replace Your Roof

On the other hand, for roof replacements, the damage has to either be too much or the repair costs too expensive. If your roof is too old and nearing the end of the lifespan of the roof, a replacement is the safest option. If your roof is also past its warranty, it means any damage occurring after the time might be too expensive. The writing is on the wall, or in this case, on the roof that you should have an overhaul.
Considering if there have been some extreme weather conditions, like the recent blizzard, many roofs suffered a hard blow, both figuratively and literally, they caved into houses under the weight of snow and some were blown right off. In such an instance, repairs are not even an option as they cannot begin to cover the extent of the damage.
If there have been some consistent leaks in your house, especially if they are unknown, can cause quite the damage to your roof. It gets to a point where repairs only cost a lot more than it would to replace it.
Companies like Up on A Roof are roofing experts who have handled everything that concerns roofing. If you are feeling paranoid about your roof and you are unsure of the situation, you might want to call them up for diagnosis.
Ensure you maintain your roof routinely; repairs might help you manage the roof and make it last longer. Schedule routine checks with your roofing contractors to help keep your roof in tip-top shape. Whatever the damage is small or extensive, call on your contractor to work on it immediately.

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