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Tile Roof Installation in Austin, TX

Let’s Learn About Tile Roofs

So with all the options of roofing materials these days -- from shingles, to metal, to wood -- why would you go with tile as your choice? Did you grow up in a tile roof home? Maybe you saw a tile roof on a neighbor’s home, and just really liked the way it worked with the hose? Or maybe you’ve read about the many advantages tile has over other materials.
It turns out that not only are tile roofs often preferred for their aesthetics and appearance, but that tile itself has advantages over other materials that can make tile a wonderful choice for your home.
In this article we will briefly cover the advantages we see with tile, and why -- depending on many factors -- we sometimes believe that tile is the way for our customers to go when choosing their new roofs.

Tile and Your New Roof Installation

The first and probably the biggest advantage tile has over other types of roofing is its durability. Tile is often referred to as a “forever roor.” Whereas you will probably need to replace a shingle roof two or three times during your time in a home, Tile literally never needs to be replaced. Install it once, and it should cover your home for many, many years.
The durability of tile is also key in that it rarely needs repairs, and the repairs it does need usually are localized to a few tile tiles. Repairing a tile roof is usually a pretty straightforward job, and while it’s always recommended to have a roofing professional inspect any damage to make sure it is localized and hasn’t damaged underlying structures, it’s also possible for many homeowners to repair slate damage on their own.
Another advantage of tile is that it is highly water resistant, and has a very low absorption rate for moisture. This means it won’t retain moisture that could lead to cracking and breaking during freezing temperatures. It is also highly resistant to frost, or even extended cold.
Tile roofing is also highly resistant to mold. It’s high resistance to water keeps mold from having the moisture it needs to grow, which means your roof is helping to keep dangerous molds from forming in your home.
Tile tiles are also highly flame and heat resistant. They act as a naturally fire shield, protecting your roof from embers or debris that can happen from nearby fires.
Finally, probably the greatest advantage of tile is its elegant appearance. For many homeowners, the beauty and attractiveness of a well-designed tile roof can be the crowning touch on their home. A tile tile roof is a strong aesthetic statement, and goes a long way to adding the type of style and appearance that many homeowners want in their home.

Are There Downsides to Choosing a Tile Roof in Austin, TX?

As with all materials, there are upsides and downsides when you choose a new roof. Let’s look at the two most common concerns people have about tile roofs.
First, there’s no doubt that tile roofs are a higher priced option than other roof types, including shingle roofs. You can expect to pay perhaps three times as much for a tile roof than a shingle roof. The good news is that you will recover this cost over the lifetime of your home, since you won’t have to spend repeatedly for a new roof. But there’s no denying that the upfront costs of a slate roof are higher than for a shingle roof.
Second, tile roofs are a very heavy form of roofing. tile often adds 500+ lbs to your roof. This means that the roof support system will need to be strong enough to handle this extra weight over the years. You can have your home inspected to ensure that it can handle the weight of a slate roof. And, if it cannot, you can have your home reinforced to ensure the safety and stability of your slate roof choice.

Choosing a Tile Roof in Austin, TX

Once you’ve considered your options, consulted with your roofing company, and made the decision for a tile roof, the only thing left is the installation of your tile roof. It’s important to get a company that uses high quality workers, and which has years of experience with these types of roof. Tile is a different material than asphalt shingles or metal or wood, and needs to be handled in certain ways to avoid breakage or improper installation.
Call us soon, we’d love to go over more details of choosing a tile roof in central Austin!

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