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Asphalt Roof Installation in Austin, TX

When it’s time to install a new roof in your home or business, the process can seem pretty intimidating. There are many new choices on the market for roofing materials these days, many of which seem like high tech advances that give them advantages over the older, more traditional roofing materials. But before you make that kind of decision, let’s stop and look at the many advantages that have made the highly familiar asphalt shingles so popular for so long.
You just might find that even though they aren’t as new, asphalt shingles are more than capable of protecting your home or business as they have been doing now for decades.

Asphalt Roof Advantages

Let’s start with the most basic advantage of all when it comes to roofing materials -- asphalt shingles are the cheapest option available for re-roofing or new roofing a home or building. They clearly win on cost advantage. And this includes a lower up front cost, and, due to their durability and ease of repair, shingles can also compete quite well on long term costs for roofing your home. They are cheaper to buy, install, and they hold up well over time. Clear cost advantages.
Second, asphalt shingles are highly versatile. They can be shaped into nearly any form, and can fit pretty much every type of roof. No matter how unique your roof may be, you can be sure that there are asphalt shingles, and shingle designs, that will cover it. And because they are so versatile, they also come in a wide variety of colors, so you have so many aesthetic choices available with asphalt that you can adapt them endlessly to fit your home and your tastes.
Third, asphalt shingles can be surprisingly energy efficient. Especially in the lighter color options, of gray and medium colors, the shingles reflect a large amount of sunlight, lowering the temperature of your home, and reducing cooling bills. Well-installed, well-chosen asphalt shingles can be one of your best tools against the high costs of cooling your home in the summer months.
Fourth, asphalt shingles are highly durable. Especially now, with advances in manufacturing, you can buy asphalt shingles that are very highly rated for wind resistance, impact resistance, and fire resistance. Because asphalt is such a highly pliable and workable material, it can be combined or layered with other substances to get you the type of durability and performance you want in your home. Asphalt is durable in a wide range of weather conditions, from deep cold to high heat.
Fifth, asphalt shingles are highly effective sound dampeners. While metal and tile and even wood roofs can sometimes even amplify the sound of rain or hail, asphalt deadens the sounds, adding to the soundproofing of your home in highly effective ways. While this is sometimes an overlooked factor, soundproofing is something you should definitely consider when thinking about the materials you want used in your roofing.
Finally, a newer advantage of asphalt shingles is that they are now being made to be recyclable at the end of their roofing lifecycle. Whereas for years asphalt shingles would end up in landfills, they can now be repurposed for things like asphalt roads. This greener quality is a real benefit for many customers who want to feel good about all the choices they make about the materials that go into their homes, and what will become of those materials when they need to be replaced.

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As we’ve said, roofing decisions can get complicated, and many consumers say that they feel confused about the choices, and sometimes even put off repairs because they don’t want to face that decision process. Asphalt shingles are tried and true, and everyone is familiar with them, since they can be found in every neighborhood throughout America.
Don’t hesitate about choosing asphalt because they feel they might be older technology. As with all things in construction, asphalt shingles are constantly being improved, and even the older asphalt shingles have stood up to the test to time quite well for millions and millions of Americans. Asphalt may not be the newest roofing material on the market, but in many ways, it’s still the best.
If you have more questions about roofing options, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ve been working with all the different types of roofing materials for years, and you can be sure that we have more than enough experience with asphalt shingles to do your job right the first time, every time.

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