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Roof Leak Repair

Trust the right company to get up on a roof and get the job done right the first time. Professionalism and courtesy form the basis of every customer interaction. Our service professionals go the extra mile to ensure that every aspect of the roofing job is done according to our exceptional work ethic. This may involve working with insurance claims adjusters on your behalf, for example. Or, it could simply mean that we take the time to sit down and explain the exact issue that affects your particular roof.

Why Do Roofs Leak?

Finding out the source of the leak can be a simple process in some cases; in other situations, the process might be complicated. It all depends on the source of the leak on the roof. Our job is to detect the cause of the leak as fast as possible and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

Signs of a Roof Leak

Homeowners will often see discoloration on the ceiling when the roof is leaking. This is the most common sign of a leak other than the actual water coming into the inside of the home. However, the problem is often more complicated than the visible sign of the leak. The water leak might slowly trickle through the drywall or lighting fixtures and discolor the interior at the location where it is most visible. However, the actual source of the leak could be located at a distal point that is ten or 20 feet away from the site of discoloration.

Up on a Roof, Our Customer Service Process

Communication with our clients is essential to performing the best services possible. We use a transparent process that is customer friendly. The procedure is basically the same for everyone, and the only main difference comes into play when we discover the source of the leak. This will require us to customize a plan of action that accounts for the particulars of your building’s layout as well as other variables.

Here is an overview of our process:

• Make an appointment: The first step in getting your roof fixed is to make an appointment. When we come to the home, we will be compliant with COVID safety protocols.

• Inspect the property: The inspection process is important for several reasons. We might need to gain access to the attic, for example. This process also involves measuring areas most likely to be causing a leak on the roof. This requires a meticulous approach of each situation on its own merits.

• Locate the source of the leaking: The interior of the home also provides important clues as to where the leak is located. We measure the approximate areas of the roof that are most likely involved in the leaking.

• Planning: The aggregation of this information will give us the details necessary to create a plan. This is the stage of the process where we have enough information to create a plan of action. We make every effort to keep you inside the planning loop, so you know what’s involved in repairing the leak.

• Repair team goes up on a roof: Once the plan is finalized, our team will go into action.

• Invoice for moderate repair fees: The repair fees are based on the actual work that is needed in your particular situation. The fee scale is reasonable, and we hope that this will encourage you to recommend us to anyone in your network who needs to have a roof leak fixed.

Professionalism and Courtesy

Our team makes a concentrated effort to treat customers with professionalism and courtesy. We also understand that each situation is unique, and this is why communication is central to our process. For example, there was one situation where a headwall flashing was 20 feet away from a gabal or dormer, and this had to be explained in simple terms that the customer could understand. There was also a complication involving the source of the water. In situations like these, we communicate with our clients about the exact nature of the issue.

The Roof Leak Repair Process

Determining the source of the leak might be simple; however, there are some cases where a complication might be present. Some leaks might be located a considerable distance away from the area where the leak is most visible. We try to resolve the leaks on the same day whenever possible. Our team has extensive experience in locating leaks.
Many leaks can be located, measured and fixed within a single day; however, every circumstance is unique. In addition, the process also involves repairs that will necessarily amount to a slight mismatch in colors because shingles that have been in the sun for a long time will fade, and new shingles will be lighter. This is a standard issue for roof repairs, so we make sure to inform the client about it in advance in order to avoid any surprises.

Up on a Roof, Roof Leak Repair Services

Roof repair services must be conducted according to the highest standards in the industry to remain effective. We observe the best practices in the roof repair industry. We can quickly locate the source of the roof leak and craft a plan to address the actual source of the leak. To find out more about our services, contact us for a service quote.
Our team is friendly and committed to offering the best services for each customer. The quality of our services are part of an overall strategy to earn the trust of each and every client. Satisfied customers are the best guarantor of quality; we look forward to adding you to a list of happy clients.

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